Our team have: tits and NFT’s (just joking, only tits)
NFT tits- trend #1 according to my imaginary google search 
Dinosaurs inhabited the Earth around 225 million years BC, and the first boobs began to appear around 2 million years BC. Mankind does not really know what dinosaurs really looked like, did they have a voice? .. breasts?.. Our team is completely sure: dinosaurs became extinct due to the lack of boobs on the planet.
Based on these facts we decided to show boobs to our virtual pimps.
Our Dino-ProstiTONes go out with their services on the TON network!
They don’t need your MasterCard, they don’t need your Visa, they require payment in GonTon.
By purchasing an NFT from the GonTon collection, you will automatically enter the closed club of Dino-ProstiTONes holders.
Being in a closed club means getting into the white list at the presale of our next collection!